Sekolah Mutiara Harapan Partners with Raffles Institution, Singapore

To introduce both schools to the cultures of the other country and work together on a potential community service project, Sekolah Mutiara Harapan (SMH) and Raffles Institution (RI) partnered on September 18, 2023, in a Student Exchange (SE) program. Consequently, to fulfill the objectives of the SE program, a selected group of students from SMH and RI visit each other’s schools annually.

This program is an initiative from one of SMH’s school board members, Mr. Bey Soo Khiang, who is also the Vice Chairman of the RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) group.

The SE program offers plenty of innovative, challenging, and fascinating activities. One of them is a long-term waste management project on which students from both institutions must collaborate to generate creative and achievable ideas on how best to apply the project’s benefits to target communities.

Another exciting but challenging part of the SE program for the students is the homestay system, which involves getting to know their host families and discovering their family traditions, daily routines, foods, language, and many more.

Furthermore, this program offers students the opportunity to participate in class immersions, which provides them with fresh learning experiences in a new learning environment.

The fun does not stop there as participating students also experience recreational activities such as city tours in both countries exploring more about each other’s diverse cultures such as various beliefs, religions, languages, foods, and many other customs.

All in all, the program is rewarding and enjoyable at the same time as it offers students opportunities to broaden their horizons in terms of knowledge and perspectives on education and diverse cultures. Participating in this program makes students more willing and ready to learn new things, excited to take on unexpected challenges, and motivated to become lifelong learners.