SY 2022-23

  1. SDG assembly
  2. Science/Art exhibition
  3. Car Free Day
  4. Antibullying pledge and peace march
  5. English Fun Day including Short Skits, Speeches, and SDG Quizzes
  6. Sharing session with a local school in Pangkalan Kerinci
  7. SDG Community Service- cleanliness drive
  8. SDG sharing session for JHS teachers by the Guest Speaker, Pak Aldo Joson from APRIL
    From May 28th to June 2nd, 2023, we organized SDG Week, a series of events aimed at raising
    awareness and enthusiasm about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our dedicated SDG
    goalkeepers led these activities to foster a better understanding of critical global issues, such as gender
    equality, zero hunger, quality education, and more among our students. During SDG Week, we
    followed a carefully planned schedule of activities to maximize the impact of our efforts. The activities
    were designed to educate, inspire, and empower our students.
  9. SDG Assembly:
    The week kicked off with the SDG Assembly, featuring an opening address and a brief
    introduction. The agenda for the week was presented, setting the tone for the upcoming events
    and activities. During the assembly, our dedicated SDG goalkeepers did SDG workshop with
    Junior High School (JHS) students. This informative and engaging workshop aimed to enhance
    the students’ understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empower them
    to become agents of change. During the workshop, the goalkeepers facilitated games and
    activities that shed light on the importance of the SDGs and their relevance to our daily lives.
  10. Science and Art Exhibition:
    A captivating Science/Art Exhibition was organized, where students showcased their scientific
    projects/artwork related to the SDGs. The exhibition featured various interactive science
    booths, allowing students to explore and learn about the connections between science and
    sustainable development. Students unleashed their creativity by designing posters that promote one or
    more of the SDGs. These thought-provoking posters were displayed in an engaging Art Exhibition. To
    encourage participation, students were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite posters.
    Goalkeepers managed a voting system to determine the popular choice.
  11. Car Free Day:
    As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable transportation, students were encouraged
    to participate in Car Free Day. Many students from Townsite-1 showed their enthusiasm by
    opting to walk or ride bicycles to school. This collective effort fostered a sense of
    environmental responsibility among our students.
  12. Anti-Bullying Pledge and Peace March:
    To reinforce our school’s stance against bullying, both Junior High School (JHS) and PYP
    students from grade 5, 6 came together to sign the Anti-Bullying Pledge. Following this
    significant commitment, a peaceful march was organized within the school premises. This
    empowering event served as a powerful reminder of the importance of kindness, respect, and
    inclusion within our school community.
  13. English Fun Day:
    An engaging English Fun Day was organized, where students actively participated in various
    activities promoting the SDGs. The event included a lively SDG Debate, an exciting SDG
    Spelling Bee, a thought-provoking SDG Writing Contest, and an inspiring SDG Storytelling
    session. These activities not only enhanced the students’ English language skills but also
    deepened their understanding of the SDGs and their role in creating positive change.
    Besides, Short skits were performed, highlighting the importance of each goal and
    demonstrating how individuals can contribute to their achievement. Students also delivered
    speeches on SDG-related topics, inspiring their peers to take action.
    Additionally, SDG quizzes were conducted, encouraging students to test their knowledge and
    deepen their understanding of the global goals.
  14. Sharing session with a local school in Kerinci:
    Our SDG goalkeepers visited SMP IT Muhammadiyah, a local school in Kerinci, to deliver a
    bilingual presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in both English and
    Bahasa Indonesia. Their aim was to engage and inspire the students to participate in SDG
    During the visit, the goalkeepers conducted interactive games and activities related to the
    SDGs, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. These activities were
    designed to increase the students’ understanding of the goals and motivate them to take action
    in their own lives and communities. By presenting the SDGs bilingually and incorporating
    interactive elements, our goalkeepers aimed to ensure that the students grasped the importance
    and relevance of the SDGs. It was an opportunity to foster awareness, empower the students,
    and encourage them to become active contributors to the global goals.
  15. SDG Community Service- Clean up activity near Jungle gym, TS-1:
    Students actively engaged in activity that addressed specific SDGs, such as volunteering at
    local environmental clean-up drives, this service initiatives aimed to create a positive and
    lasting impact on the local community, aligning with the principles and objectives of the SDGs.
  16. SDG sharing session for JHS teachers by the Guest Speaker, Pak Aldo Joson from
    Pak Aldo, a representative from APRIL, delivered an engaging presentation on the 2030 agenda of
    the SDGs. He shared APRIL’s perspective, initiatives, and the progress made so far in alignment
    with the SDGs. Specific examples were given to demonstrate how APRIL contributes to one or
    more SDGs, showcasing their commitment to sustainable development.
    ——End of Report——